Protect Your belongings while traveling! A small investment in First Watch Security‘s Portable Travel Lock saves you the long term hassle of having your cash, passports, electronics or other valuables stolen. The chrome lock can be purchased for under $15 directly from First Watch or online at Build.com or Home Depot.

This gadget was recently featured on the Today Show and it is:

  • Ideal for hotel/motel doors & drawers
  • Locks/unlocks with a key
  • Uses door strike opening for mount point for easy installation
  • Easy to pack and transport

And it’s a cinch to use:

Installation instructions:

  1. Using key, unlock travel lock and slide out locking bar.
  2. Open door or drawer and hook locking bar into strike plate or into inside of lip of cabinet.
  3. Close door or drawer and slide locking plate into bar either horizontally or vertically as desired.
  4. Slide lock onto locking bar tight against locking plate. Use key to lock and unlock.