National Trust

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As a travel company that specializes in cultural and historical trips, we love working with various conservation and preservations organizations, such as the National Trust of England, which protects many of the greatest historic places and green spaces throughout the country. The National Trust was founded in 1895 and continues to maintain England's heritage primarily through memberships. If [...]

Got Wanderlust? Puerta Plata

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Most American travelers to the Dominican Republic are familiar with Punta Cana on the farthest eastern tip of the island. We got wanderlust for a lesser visited area along the windswept northern coast near Puerta Plata. This part of the island is considered one of the surfing capitals of the Caribbean and is surrounded by [...]

Got Wanderlust? Bitter End Yacht Club

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As spring teases us with hints of warmth and peeks of greenery, we escape to the Caribbean with today's Got Wanderlust photo. We got a serious case of wanderlust for the idyllic Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands. It' is named the Bitter End because this little slice of Heaven is situated as far east as [...]

First Watch Portable Travel Lock

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Protect Your belongings while traveling! A small investment in First Watch Security's Portable Travel Lock saves you the long term hassle of having your cash, passports, electronics or other valuables stolen. The chrome lock can be purchased for under $15 directly from First Watch or online at or Home Depot. This gadget was recently featured on the Today Show and [...]

Santo Domingo: The New World’s Oldest City

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Christmas day 1492, a clumsy cargo ship runs aground on the north coast of present-day Haiti. Emerging from the Santa Maria was Italian-born explorer, Christopher Columbus. Not exactly the Orient he was in search of, but nevertheless this “beautiful island paradise” would please his benefactors. After receiving a generous welcome from the native Taínos, Columbus promptly claimed the island for [...]

Playground of the Kings

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Two hours south of Paris is the ancient and storied region of the Loire Valley. For hundreds of years, medieval kings journeyed with their courts to hunting lodges deep in the royal forests along France’s longest river. So, it comes as no surprise that the Renaissance royals chose the same Vallée de la Loire to build resplendent [...]