World Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism


Wanderlust Tours specializes in cultural and culinary travel, with a separate division focused on women’s tourism. Our tours respect the environment and local traditions of each of our destinations; striving to maintain the ‘integrity of place.

WT works to create a tourist experience synergistic with local businesses.  We encourage our travelers to embrace local culture, eat locally, and spend money with independently-owned businesses.  Our female-focused tours support women-owned businesses, when possible.

We strive to use local services and products, while supporting green and environmentally-conscious businesses.  This exchange stimulates the local economy while providing an authentic visitor experience.

Wanderlust Tours are designed to allow our travelers to fully appreciate what each unique place has to offer while being conscientious to preserve natural habitats, heritage sites, scenic appeal, and local culture.

Wanderlust Tours was founded as a company that fosters a mutual respect between the traveler and host city to allow the richest, most authentic form of travel possible.

We map out your entire (fully guided or self-guided) trip, offering expert suggestions about where to go, what to do, and where where to stay.