Fête en Blanc 2014

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The fourth annual Fête en Blanc - a “picnic with a purpose” -- is co-chaired by Wanderlust Tours owner Shawnie Kelley. The flash-mob style pop-up picnic brings people together for a common food-related cause. Guests wear white, pack a picnic and feast under the stars with old and new friends. The magical event has grown [...]

Cowgirl Chow Easton Farmer’s Market

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Cowgirl Chow Easton Farmer's Market Edition. As a company who seeks out the local and authentic dining experiences during our travel, Wanderlust Tours also supports our own Ohio purveyors of food and other local artisan products. Thursday, August 7, Wanderlust owner Shawnie Kelley teamed up with Hellwigh Farm owner, Jennifer Boren to celebrate Ohio's hard [...]

La Joute Nautique: The Tradition of Water Jousting

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Each August, the Mediterranean village of Sète, located on a pencil-thin peninsula in southern France, plays host to the Festival of Saint Louis. The fête’s main attraction is a spirited sporting event officially known as la joute nautique – or water jousting-- during which competitors use feats of arms to attempt to knock each other off man-powered, wooden [...]

Socca: A Niçoise Delight

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When in the south of France, every travel experience should include a sampling of the wonderful street food sold from carts and street side stalls throughout the towns across the Côte d'Azur, but in particular, Nice. A chickpea flour crepe known as Socca is a Niçoise specialty both filling and affordable. The crepe-like dish, made from only chick pea [...]