We will travel both on and off the beaten path to discover the unique flavor of each location. Our tours include a bit of culture, a bit of adventure and a whole lot of good food and drink. Add a few 5-star touches & voila! It’s an experience of a lifetime.


History vs. Mystery


Live a moment in history. Journey back in time as we explore the legends and lore of historical people and places, bringing to life the Roman & Renaissance world.


Art. Architecture. Music.


Indulge your passion for culture with a dose of art, architecture, and music. Visit castles, cathedrals, villages, and heritage sites off the beaten track.


Eat. Drink. Learn.


Experience the best of the culinary and wine world with us: from French pastries, Italian vineyards, and Scottish whisky to cooking classes and field-to-fork dining.


Play Hard, Eat Well.


Cycle, paddle, trek, or sail by day. Fortify with fine local food, wine, shopping and entertainment by night. Guided activities and real food make the perfect pairing.

Planned Tours

Each year, we design a handful of signature trips to timeless destinations. Our intimate boutique tours - capped at 10 guests - allow you to become a traveler, and not just a tourist. The small size lets us venture behind-the-scenes and off-the-beaten-path. Our tours are experiential, in-depth, and conversational. Just sit back and enjoy the camaraderie of friends while being weaved into a rich tapestry of local history, cuisine, and cultural treasures.

Town & Country Tours

Rally your girlfriends, sisters, or book club for our exciting femme-focused Town and Country tours. Each trip combines off-beat activities and travel experiences with a special allure for the ladies. These week long girly-getaways are a perfect blend of city-chic and countryside retreat. Spend a few days in the heart of a sophisticated city then slow down for a few days in a villa or country house with cooking classes, winery tours, scenic yoga.

Private Tours

Pick your tour. Pick your dates. Bring your friends. We have done the legwork of crafting specialized itineraries with hotels, attractions, and restaurants you can trust. We’ve eaten there. We’ve slept there. We’ve walked the narrow, winding streets and taken the trains. These tours help to immerse guests in the less touristy side of a destination, from its culture to its cuisine. An unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience is ready to book and go!

Custom Tours

For ultimate personalization, Wanderlust Tours provides comprehensive travel consulting services, ranging from hotel bookings to full itinerary development. Allow us to escort your small group on a customized, private tour or help design a self-guided itinerary based on your interests. Whether its a book club, church group, work incentive or family trip, we can create your trip of a lifetime



Each year, we design a handful of signature trips to timeless destinations. These intimate boutique tours – capped at 10 guests – weave travelers into a rich tapestry of local culture.




 2020 Scheduled Tours


Provence & the Côte d’Azur

Provence & the Côte d'Azur Fall, 2020 Immerse yourself in the sun-kissed landscape of the Côte d’Azur and Roman antiquities of Provence Beginning in the medieval streets of Vieux Nice, you’ll have one of our favorite Old Town experiences learning of the city’s culture and cuisine, while indulging in Niçoise specialties ranging from crepes to [...]

Town & Country Tours, Pre-Designed Private Tours or Future Tours

Pick your tour. Pick your dates. Bring your friends.  Let us plan your trip.


Nantucket History & Wine Tour

Nantucket History & Wine Tour| Nantucket, Massachusetts Mid-May, around the Nantucket Food and Wine Festival dates Be immersed in island life: pristine beaches, picturesque villages, historic sites, swanky food, and world class wine during our tour centered around the Nantucket Wine Festival. Join author of Discover Cape Cod, Shawnie Kelley for a few days of surf, [...]


Roman Legacy Tour: Ancient Provence

Roman Legacy Tour: Ancient Provence Spring, TBD  Immerse yourself in the sun-kissed landscape of Provence while exploring the cultural and culinary legacy of the ancient Romans. The sun kisses everything in Provence; from the scenery and cuisine to its art and people. The Mediterranean sparkles with an endless, changing palate of azure. Provence glows [...]


Playground of the Kings: Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Playground of the Kings: Châteaux of the Loire Valley Early Autumn, TBD Enchanting scenery, fairytale châteaux, and royal Renaissance luxury in the Loire Valley. Experience “la douceur de vivre” - the sweet life - in the Playground of the Kings.   Journey two hours south of Paris into the lush Loire River Valley, where sunflower [...]


Scottish Highlands Adventure

Scottish Highlands Adventure: Castles, Casks, and Clans Summer TBD Be swept up in the romance of the Scottish Highlands, where history and legend blur, whisky flows, and mystical beauty abounds. Are you caught up in the Outlander series, dazzled by stories of King Arthur, or dream of exploring William Wallace’s Highland hideouts? Departing from Edinburgh, our tour [...]


Italy’s Cultural Legacy Tour: Rome & Tuscany

Italy's Cultural Legacy: Rome & Tuscany Fall TBD Travel through time as we explore Italy’s cultural and culinary legacy: from Roman ruins and medieval masterpieces to tasty Tuscan traditions and the Renaissance riches of Florence. Italy’s contributions to the world’s cultural landscape are still felt two thousand years after the rise of the Roman Empire and [...]


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