Shawnie Kelley has been teaching at Upper Arlington’s Lifelong Learning (one of the country’s largest adult enrichment) programs since 2004. Through the years, she has taught travel-inspired cooking classes at The Seasoned Farmhouse, Giant Eagle Market District, Healthy New Albany, various universities and libraries. Check out the events calendar for a current list of cooking classes. Please email if you are interested in a private, in-house cooking class.


Around My Tuscan Farmhouse Table

Be carried away to the rolling hills of Tuscany with a soul warming Tuscan Sausage Soup– a brothy recipe versatile enough to become a soup for all seasons. The main entrée illustrates the genius of Tuscan cooking, as heavy sauces are bypassed to allow the flavors of simple, high quality ingredients to shine. The star of our show, Garlic Rosemary Skillet Chicken with Pappardelle Pasta is the perfect dish to serve family-style on a platter. Green beans and spinach lend a pop of color, while hand-cut, homemade pasta ribbons are robust enough to stand up to the flavorful and festive-looking dish. Class ends with a traditional dessert of Florentine Carnival Cake—an orange infused sponge cake. During the cooking demonstration Shawnie shares her experiences traveling through the Italian countryside, Tuscan food traditions, and food culture. Buon appetito!!

A Picnic in Provence

Celebrate eat-outdoors season with recipes from a Provençal picnic basket of delight. We channel a southern French fête by using seasonal ingredients from local markets that not only hold up well in the heat, but also taste better when eaten under the sky.

While living in Nice and now, when conducting tours through the south of France, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing all sorts of street, market, and picnic foods. I’m excited to share some of my favorite fare eaten while picnicking on hills overlooking the Mediterranean or basking in France’s southern soleil.

Class begins with a demonstration of how to make a light Goat Cheese Herbed Tomato Pastry, White Bean Tapenade, and a Rainbow Marinade of Olives. And every picnic needs a sandwich, so Pan Bagnet– a Salad Niçoise in sandwich form- is a fresh, filling tuna/egg/vegetable sandwich popular from the French Riviera to Provence. To end on a sweet note, we’ll learn to make gateaux l’abricot– a lovely little Apricot Cake.

Dig out your baskets and prepare for a special trip to Provence as Shawnie discusses local food traditions, wine pairings, and best Provençal markets.

French Country Brunch

The French equivalent to lunch known as déjeuner — or the lighter afternoon meal- is the time to indulge in what we Americans consider brunch-type fare. Learn how to make a meal popular in the south of France, using . We begin with a fresh, brothy Soup Tote Faite (fast potato and leek soup) followed by a delicious smoked Caviar d’Aubergine (smoked eggplant dip) with crispy rosemary baguette chips. Tourte de blette à la Niçoise is a hearty Swiss chard pie; denser than a quiche or frittata and with a seductive touch of sweetness. Class ends on a light, sweet note with Tian de Lait- the ancestor of all set custards is accompanied by crunchy, little cookies. This brunch menu goes a long way with a group.  Paired wine is included.

Normandy’s Comfort Cuisine

Cream, butter, apples, and cheese – need I say more? Normandy’s cuisine is a reflection of its countryside: ancient orchards, rolling pastures, and cider distilleries. Rustic country cooking inspires this warm winter menu. Learn to make Poulet á la Normade, one of Julia Child’s favorite northern French dishes. The comforting chicken recipe highlights the ingredients this region is best known for: apples, cider, and cream. A true one-pot wonder, accompanied by traditional sides of roasted potatoes and peas- but each with a special twist. End on a sweet note with Teurgoule, a sublime, slow-cooked dessert falling somewhere between rice pudding and cream brûlée.

Bastille Day Celebration   

What the Fourth of July is to the United States, Bastille Day is to France. Not unlike our American Independence Day, France celebrates the symbolic end of its monarchy on July 14 (1789) with fireworks, family fun, and a fabulous feast. This fête menu includes dishes that embrace La Fête Nationale, yet easily translate into our own picnic culture.

While living in Nice, I attended my first Bastille Day picnic with a friend’s family in St. Tropez. I recall thinking that the food, activities, and general vibe were a variation on our Fourth of July gathering. Grills were going, salads and desserts lined the tables, and drinks were flowing- but there was something a tad different. The dishes seemed lighter and less meat driven. I selected these recipes because the ingredients can easily be found in our local markets and, to my mind, represent a celebratory outdoor fête in France.

We begin with colorful, grilled Ratatouille Boats, which take on a more salad-like small bite, than a hearty stew. And what’s a picnic without Potato Salad? Our mayo-free recipe elevates the potato to a tasty new level with tarragon and white wine. As does our mayo-less Apple-Fennel Slaw. For dessert, Tart Les Demoiselles – a traditional upside down tart topped with seasonal, caramelized fruit.

Throughout the cooking demonstration, Shawnie discusses the historical background of Bastille Day, while comparing and contrasting the ways we celebrate our national days of Independence. Vive la France!

From Marseilles to Menton: A Riviera Road Trip

Escape the winter with a culinary journey along the southern coast of France, from the ancient city of Marseilles to the colorful village of Menton on the Italian border. Join travel writer and Wanderlust Tours owner, Shawnie Kelley, as she shares her discovery of this sun-kissed cuisine while living in Nice and researching the region. Through a cooking demonstration combined with personal experiences and pretty pictures, Shawnie transports you to several Mediterranean seaports while discussing how this coastal cuisine is distinct and different from that of upper Provence.

As many travelers do, we begin our journey in Marseilles, France’s first city, founded by the Romans and famous for its spice and fish markets. The first recipe showcases this gritty city’s cultural diversity with a rouleaux de fromage au sésame – a North African-inspired savory, cheesy cannoli-like spring roll. Next, we travel along the côte d’azur, visiting a few villages where Linguine and Seafood en Papillote is found on every menu. The white wine, lemon, and cherry tomato broth offers just the springy zing we need this time of year. We end by paying homage to the Menton Lemon Festival, one of the world’s largest, held each year in mid-February. The Lemon Chiffon Pie with Gingerbread Crust draws on the two fragrant flavors popular in southern French desserts. During the demonstrations, Shawnie talks about food traditions and the Italian and African influences on the coastal cuisine.

An English Countryside Christmas

Be whisked away to the rolling hills of England with this classic British menu, perfect for the holidays or family dinner. Nibble on an easy-to-make appetizer of Bubble and Squeak (a potato cabbage pancake of sorts) while learning about English holiday customs and food culture. Sip on mulled red wine as Shawnie demonstrates how to make a classic Yorkshire pudding. This flavorful slow-cooked beef is served with herbaceous popovers infused with the beef dripping and roasted root vegetables. For dessert, an aromatic Christmas fruitcake is brimming with dried fruit, nuts, warm spices and brandy. This jolly good class includes recipes and wine.

Taste of Cape Cod

If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, quaint little villages here and there, you’re sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod… lyrics crooned by the late Patti Page are not lost on those of who regularly pilgrimage to the Massachusetts peninsula known for its fresh seafood, lobster rolls, and cranberries. Shawnie Kelley, author of Discover Cape Cod and It Happened on Cape Cod demonstrates original recipes inspired by the coastal cuisine and centuries-old food traditions found across the Cape, while sharing stories from her two books.

Learn about the famed Wellfleet oysters and Barnstable clams while Shawnie whips up a traditional Quick Clam Chowder using clams sourced from a Columbus seafood shop supplied daily with New England shellfish. Lesser-known tales of English explorers, industrious pilgrims and Native Americans pair well with a demo of Corn Fritters & Cranberry Pepper Jelly. The corn meal comes direct from a three hundred year-old gristmill in the Cape’s oldest town of Sandwich.

A saucy Portuguese Pork speaks to the thousand year connection between the fishermen of Portugal and Provincetown, where the heritage remains deep. You will also learn about the cranberry economy, which began in the small village of Dennis while sipping on a Cape Codder cocktail. We say farewell to the Cape with a historical dumpling-like pudding, akin to a cobbler, known as blueberry grunt.

From Paris to Provence: A Culinary Road Trip

Embark on a culinary journey through France with author and Wanderlust Tours owner, Shawnie Kelley, who spent a year living in Nice and frequently traveling between Paris and Provence. Through a cooking demonstration combined with lively stories, Shawnie shares discoveries of delightful dishes, regional food traditions, and wonderful wine. Learn to make several recipes included in her forthcoming book, A Woman’s Guide to France.

Snack on a Niçoise specialty crépe known as socca, while trekking into Provence. We begin with a rustic Three Onion Potato Soup from a farmhouse in the hills above Avignon before moving into central France. Learn to make one of Burgundy’s most revered dishes, Coq au Vin Blanc, while sipping a paired Burgundian wine. The white wine-stewed, seared chicken legs are a perfect stick-to-the ribs meal for impending wintery days. Of course, it makes perfect sense to finish our culinary tour de France in Paris for dessert – an elegant, silky Dark Chocolate & Orange Mousse. Then it’s au revoir … until our next road trip.

Recipes from a Scottish Castle Kitchen

Diana Gabaldon’s popular Outlander books-turn-mini series serves as the inspiration for this culinary Tour de Highlands. Learn to make a dinner and dessert inspired by the foods mentioned in the books during this demonstration style class.

Join Shawnie Kelley, travel writer and owner of Wanderlust Tours, as she brings to life the culinary and cultural landscape of eighteenth century Scotland. Class includes a full tasting of each of the dishes and discussion about Scotland’s castles, cuisine and countryside, as well as the historical background of the dishes that are prepared. The dinner course showcases the simplicity and localness on which traditional Scots cooking is based. Learn to make a hearty, yet summery lemon, mint, and fennel sausage in light whisky cream sauce with a side of buttered leeks (but, with a twist!). And no meal is complete without a proper Scottish bun.

“While living in Edinburgh, I worked with Historic Scotland conducting architectural and historic research on castles. I was smitten by the Scottish tower houses that dot the countryside, just like those where Outlander is set… and learned a lot about the traditions and customs, much of which revolved around food and feasting. The dishes I demo are indicative of the type of food that has been served for centuries.” ~ Shawnie

For dessert, Shawnie speaks to the international influences on Scots cuisine- particularly its “auld alliance” with France– with a creative take on shortbread. The Lavender Shortbread Tart brings a modern, user-friendly approach to homemade shortbread– Scotland’s iconic “twice cooked” biscuit with historical roots stemming back to the medieval days.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the origins of modern day desserts… most classic recipes have ties to recipes with origins in other centuries and likely, other cultures.” 

Shawnie’s interest in the history of desserts makes this a sweet ending to a class inspired by a good read full of good eats, historical time travel, and attention to local detail. So, don your tartan and join Shawnie for an evening in the Scottish Highlands.

Provencal’s Sweet Holiday Traditions

In the southern French region of Provence, the holidays bring about an ancient tradition known as le gros super et les treize desserts– or “The Great Supper and the 13 desserts.” This typical holiday feast takes place on December 24 and includes seven non-meat dishes and thirteen desserts, with each dish being deep-rooted symbolism. Join author and Wanderlust Tours owner, Shawnie Kelley, as she shares holiday traditions, and table settings- a class inspired by her Edible Columbus article.

The first half of the class focuses on the Big Supper with a demonstration of Seafood Linguini en Papillote (steamed in parchment) for a main dinner course. We combine a wonderful hand-made linguini with a variety of shellfish and finfish. The second hour features several sweets, which are sampled, but showcases how to make a fabulous orange and aniseed scented dessert bread called fougasse.

Salad As A Meal: Summer

Take advantage of summer’s bounty by learning how to make three versatile salads with variations that will carry you through the fall. Learn to make a family-style salad layered with beautiful color, texture and flavors, but practical enough to be a meal for two- or even one. The second salad focuses on Shawnie’s salad manta: “grains, greens, and beans” – a filling, healthy concept offering endless combinations. Class ends on a sweeter note, with a fruity, California-inspired dish. Drawing inspiration from farmer’s markets, seasonal ingredients, and healthy eating, you’ll leave armed with the ability to create a variety of salads as a meal. The slideshow and discussion explores Columbus farmer’s markets and farms, suggests food blogs and online resources, and shares Shawnie’s experiences reviewing and recipe testing for a few major cookbooks.

The Garden of France

The Loire Valley is synonymous with sumptuous chateaux, villages and vineyards, and turbulent history. This lush river valley is also home to some of France’s most beautiful country comfort cuisine. Explore the Loire’s gastronomy through cooking demonstration and discussion of regional delicacies, cheese, and wine. Learn to make Gåteau de Viande- a rustic French version of meatloaf and the celebrated Tarte Tatin (upside-down apple tart). While sampling the dishes, we explore the food traditions of this storied region with links to Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart, and other monarchs and mistresses.

Recipes from the Italian Riviera

The sun kisses everything in the Italian Riviera from the landscape to its cuisine. It’s no wonder artists and conquerors alike have been drawn to Liguria for millennia. This class explores recipes and food traditions of northwestern Italy, a cuisine imbued with fresh ingredients, herbs, and olive oil. Learn to make a regional favorite of hand-twisted, egg-free pasta accompanied by a traditional pesto with green beans and potatoes along with a historic dessert of biancomangiare- a silky almond custard. While demonstrating the dishes, Shawnie shares images of markets, villages, and architecture along with variations on the recipes.

A Winter Tuscan Dinner Party

Celebrate the last hurrah of winter with travel writer and Wanderlust Tours owner, Shawnie Kelley as she demonstrates a few rustic, yet complex tasting dishes with centuries-old roots in northern Italy—perfect comfort food for a winter gathering of family and friends.

Be carried away to the rolling hills of Tuscany with a soul warming Sienese Minestrone and Kale Pesto Soup – a brothy recipe versatile enough to become your soup for all seasons. The main entrée illustrates the genius of Tuscan cooking, as heavy sauces are bypassed to allow the flavors of simple, high quality ingredients to shine. The star of our show, Garlic Rosemary Skillet Chicken with Pappardelle Basil Pasta is the perfect dish to serve family-style on a platter. Green beans and spinach lend a pop of color, while hand-cut, homemade pasta ribbons are robust enough to stand up to the flavorful and festive-looking dish. Class ends with a traditional dessert of Florentine Carnival Cake—an orange infused sponge cake popular leading up to Easter. During the cooking demonstration Shawnie shares her experiences traveling through the Italian countryside along with a slideshow of images. Learn to make her fail proof pasta dough while discussing Tuscan food traditions, culture, and a bit about her research for “A Woman’s Guide to Italy.” Buon appetito!!

A Kitchen in an English Castle

Ever wonder what it was like to cook in a castle? Or how medieval folk prepared their food? And what they ate? Wanderlust Tours owner Shawnie Kelley, shares recipes and historical insight from her four years living abroad and working as a medieval architectural historian for English Heritage. Using recipes from a popular historic cookery school in northern England, Shawnie demonstrates updated versions of 500 + year-old dishes while sharing historical highlights, regional food traditions, and images from her reaearch at castles across Great Britain. Journey through time from the 14th to 16th century by learning how to make recipes found on the feast table in each century. Ingredients for the creative and often playful cuisine were almost always grown onsite or sourced locally – not unlike our efforts today. During the cooking demonstrations, Shawnie shares photos of gorgeous great halls, ruinous fireplaces, and foodie images from medieval manuscripts, which helps bring to life the culinary culture of the England’s past.

14th century — chicken, pork, breadcrumb & saffron paté

14th century — “salat”- Some variation on this salad (which embraces our greens & edible flowers & loaded salad philosophy)— Take parsley, sage, garlic, greens, lettuce, leek, spinach, borage, mint, primroses or violets, “porrettes” (green onions, scallions, or young leeks), fennel, and garden cress, rue, rosemary, purslane; Tear everything into small pieces with your hands, and mix them well with oil; lay on vinegar, salt, and serve.

15th c. Chewete – the precurssor to the modern English pie, this small round pie is filled with (our version) creamy chicken and asparagus.

1545- Blancmange (“white eating” or “white food”)- a smooth, silky, white almond milk custard/pudding with a hint of vanilla. It is unexpectedly sublime.

An Elegant French Luncheon

Gather your favorite people for a sophisticated afternoon meal, which will impress with both its ease and aesthetic. Appetizers go mini with scrumptious canapés offering a modern twist on two traditional bistro dishes – the croque monsieur and steak frites. Learn to make a surprisingly fast quick bread packed with olives, rosemary, ham, and cheese while discussing variations on French bread. Pair this with a lovely textured salad of lettuces, asparagus, beans and other greenery and voila- a trés magnifique meal!

The coup d’état of your luncheon will be a delicate raspberry trifle, simple to pull together and beautiful to behold.

A Sweet Tradition: The 13 Desserts of Provence

In France’s Provençal region, the holidays bring about an ancient tradition known as le gros super et les treize desserts– or “The Great Supper and Thirteen desserts.” This holiday feast takes place on December 24, beginning with seven non-meat dishes and ending with thirteen desserts symbolically meant to ensure health and prosperity for the coming year.

Join author of “The Woman’s Guide: France” and Wanderlust Tours owner, Shawnie Kelley as she discusses Provence’s holiday food traditions, deep-rooted symbolisms, table settings and customs while sampling a selection of handmade sweets and sipping a hot holiday toddy.

Shawnie first demonstrates how to make the meal’s piece de resistance known as fougasse. The fragrant focaccia-like bread laced with orange and aniseed serves as the centerpiece of the dessert table and the celebration. The recipe for this heady showstopper hails directly from a Provençal kitchen. You also learn to make candied citrus peel that stands alone as a snack or provides a sugary pop of flavor when incorporated into other desserts. And what would Christmas be without a cookie? The third demonstration is for a traditional boat almond biscuit known as Navettes. The boat-shaped biscuits are served with a fruity homemade holiday jam. Additionally; she shares recipes for a few desserts that are not demonstrated, but sampled, as well as a slideshow of images from Wanderlust Tours’ “Christmas in Provence” trip. This class is inspired by an article Shawnie wrote for the Winter 2012 issue of Edible Columbus.

English Country Cooking

Be whisked away to the rolling hills of central England with a demonstration of a few English country classics and a discussion of local food traditions. Learn how to make cottage pie pockets, bacon and Stilton salad, and a delicious summer pudding, while sampling a traditional drink from the region.

“Having lived in both Scotland and England and worked for English Heritage for a few years, I traveled extensively throughout the U.K., experiencing regional, seasonal British cuisine firsthand: street and market food, country pubs, fishing villages, artisan food producers serving up unexpectedly elevated, yet comforting dishes. This class shares a few versatile, easy-to-make recipes that you will return to throughout the year.”

During the cooking demo, Shawnie transports you to sleepy hamlets, Cotswold cottages, and sprawling country estates, while the discussion focuses on the Edwardian-era food culture at castles like Highclere, where Downton Abbey is filmed.

Recipes from Giverny & the Norman Countryside

Embark on a Taste of Travel beginning in the picturesque village of Giverny, just north of Paris, where Impressionist artist Claude Monet immortalized his gardens in masterpieces of painting. Our recipes are inspired by some of Monet’s favorite dishes and draws on Normandy’s distinct culinary identity, which is centered on apples, cider, butter, and cream.

We journey along France’s Cider Trail, exploring Norman food and drink traditions, while learning to make creamy Chicken Normandy, a traditional vegetable side dish, and a clafoutis-style custard cake, known as flaugnarde.

“While exploring the Norman contributions to French cuisine for my book, A Woman’s Guide to France, I discovered in the north of France a variation on one of my favorite French desserts, clafoutis. I’ll demonstrate this versatile custardy cake using seasonal fruits. We also learn to make poulet à la normande – one of Julia Child’s favorite chicken recipes.”

Culinary Crossroads: Parisian Markets 

Some of Paris’ most authentic global cuisine is found in its food markets. This class draws inspiration from the Marché les Enfant Rouge- the city’s oldest market (c. 1615) in the Marais district. Explore spicy exchanges between France and North Africa as instructor Shawnie Kelley shares an original recipe for a Moroccan Lamb Tagine with vegetables and dried fruit—an adaptation of her award-winning recipe in the National Food Bloggers Association competition. Learn the complex, earthy blend of spices, rich sauce, melt-in-your-mouth meat, and vibrant fruits and vegetables that make up this hearty family-style stew.

“While living in France, I had my first taste of tagine in Marseilles— and was hooked. I became fascinated with the culinary exchanges between France and other cultures.”

Also learn to made homemade ricotta sesame rolls with cardamom-saffron syrup, another North African-inspired market recipe. Think “cannoli with a cheesy twist!” We discuss history, food traditions, and spice markets. Recipes and regional wine are included.

Modern Winter Brunch

As the holidays approach, it never hurts to have an arsenal of interesting brunch ideas in your back pocket.  This mayo-free BLT veers away from the traditional by pairing espresso-candied bacon with roasted tomatoes and buttery Boston lettuce on ciabatta. Creamy avocado and herbs makes the delicious dressing. Eggs Provençal is a perfect dish for a chilly fall morning. Eggs baked in an herbaceous cheesy tomato sauce are served with baguette crisps. A smoked salmon cobb salad brings a fresh healthy component to your brunch.  Indulge your brunchy sweet tooth with this take on a New Orleans classic. Bananas Foster undergoes a makeover into French toast using croissants and pecans – and of course, rum drenched flambéed bananas.

A Spaghetti Western Menu

Zane Gray, the father of the western novel, was born in Zanesville, Ohio- a city founded by his great-grandfather. 112 of Gray’s books were adapted into films and inspired the surge in 1960’s Wild West themed movies nicknamed, “Spaghetti Westerns” – many of which were made in Italy and Spain. Travel writer and culinary instructor, Shawnie Kelley mashes up Italian, Spanish and southwestern flavors in a few recipes channeling her inner cowgirl chow. Here’s what’s Cookin’? A Spaghetti Western Bake with- you guessed it, baked pasta with a Tex Mex twist. Two simple, yet tasty sides of Chuckwagon Italian Green Beans and a Spanish soufflé-like Wild West Scalloped Corn. A round of thirst quenchers is served along side the hearty fare. All of the included recipes are fun for a summer potluck and can be made in advance.

Parisian Café Culture

Cafés and bistros are as much part of French culture as wine and cheese. Learn how to make a selection of traditional bistro offerings, while enjoying a virtual tour of Belle Époque Paris, the vibrant period in which the café culture established itself. Croques; onion soup; fancy omelets; pain au chocolat.

Autumn in Provençe

A little Daube will do ya! Provence’s traditional beef stew is a hearty slow cooked mix of meat, carrots and herbs. Learn a simplified version of this rustic dish from the harvest-driven menu, which includes salad and dessert. Discussion covers Provencal wines, cheese and variations on the stew.

The Big Holiday Supper

In the French region of Provence, the holidays bring about an ancient tradition known as le gros super et les treize desserts– or “The Great Supper and the 13 desserts.” This typical holiday meal takes place on December 24 and includes seven non-meat dishes and thirteen desserts, each with deep-rooted symbolism. Come learn about the various foods, customs, regional holiday traditions, and table settings, while sampling one main dinner course and several sweets. The main offering will be a non-meat dish, while the sweets center on figs, nuts, raisins, and a bouche de noel- holiday cake. This class is primarily focused on sampling, with a cultural discussion and slideshow.

Recipes from a French Farmhouse 

Burgundy’s traditional beef stew, Beef Bourguignon is eaten all over France and is at the heart of the country’s culinary culture. This silky, slow-cooked mixture of meat, garlic, onions, and mushrooms in a rich wine sauce is the ultimate wintry comfort food. Learn how to make a simplified, less time-consuming version of this rustic dish, along with a Tartiflette– a cheesy, bacon-studded potato gratin. The menu is rounded out with bone warming dessert of a winter fruit Clafoutis. During class, Shawnie shares an in depth knowledge of regional food traditions, wine pairings, cheese, and variations on the stew, while virtually touring the Burgundian countryside.

Provençal Pasta

This vibrant green pâte aux herbes (herb pasta) never twice turns out the same way, but it never fails to delight. Using a bounty of seasonal herbs and other leafy vegetables, our class demonstrates how to make this delicious scratch pasta and a simple sauce, along with an herbaceous chick pea side salad. For dessert, we’ll cook up a cheerful cherry batter pudding known as clafoutis. The slideshow and discussion looks at the background of each dish and the culinary culture in the regions from which they come. We also taste cheese and discuss wines common to these areas.

Recipes from Renaissance Tuscany

Step back in time as we make a few rustic, yet complex tasting dishes with roots in Renaissance Italy—perfect comfort food for fall. Beginning with a fail proof pasta dough recipe, we’ll demonstrate how to make homemade Florentine Walnut Spaghetti laced with warm, autumnal spices and a hint of sweetness. The main pasta dish is complimented by an unexpectedly sophisticated Antipasti starter and a dessert of Candied Fruit and Almond Panforte—a cocoa spiced fruit cake dating back to medieval times. During class, we’ll sip wines perfectly paired with the aromatic menu and learn about Renaissance Florence while taking a virtual tour through the Tuscan countryside.

The Great Crêpe Escape

Crepes reign supreme as France’s national dish and most popular street food. Enjoy a demonstration on how to make a sweet crepe, a savory galette, and a non-traditional Provencal pancake using chickpea flour. During the cooking demonstration, take a tour de cuisine, learning about the food and culture of each crepe region, the history of crepes, their regional variations, and differences between crepe pans. You are provided a sample of each crepe along with printed recipes, including suggestions for filling variations.

Provençal ‘Handkerchief’ Herb Pasta

Take advantage of summer’s bounty of herbs by learning how to make a truly herbaceous pasta. Fazzoletti, which in Italian loosely translates to “handkerchief,” is a type of super thin pasta rolled with herbs and stretched until it resembles a patterned scarf. This artistic, creative, and delicious recipe popular throughout the Mediterranean allows for endless combinations of herbs, edible flowers, and flavor profiles that you’ll return to throughout the season. Learn to make fail proof dough, a few simple sauces, herb variations, and an accompanying vegetable dish. You’ll learn regional food traditions while Shawnie demonstrates the surprisingly simple technique of making a stunning pasta dish that’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Classic Fall French Dinner

Learn to cook like a local with regional dishes from the four corners of France. Shawnie demonstrates how to make four recipes that speak to each region’s culinary culture, beginning with a salad from France’s gastronomic capital of Lyon. Class begins with a Salad Lyonnais of mixed greens topped with crispy bacon and soft rich egg. The main entrée whisks you away to southern France, where daily life and food are inseparable. Catalan Chicken Picada straddles the French and Spanish borders using heaps of herbs, nuts, garlic, and chocolate. The seared chicken is topped with a tomato-based sauce, echoing a Spanish mole, but without the heat of chiles.  A side dish of Provençal Barigoule Vegetables braised in a warm sherry broth perfectly pairs with the herbaceous chicken.  Class ends in the north with a light, fluffy Chocolate Hazelnut Sea Salt Mousse.

Cooking in Cannes with Julia Child 

Join food writer and French culinary tour operator, Shawnie Kelley for an evening inspired by Julia Child’s Provençal retreat, La Pitchoune, in the hills above Cannes. Julia spent time experimenting, writing, and perfecting her southern French dishes in the humble kitchen, where cooking classes are still offered and remains as the last existing work space in which Julia Child cooked. Shawnie, who lived in Nice and conducts food tours through France, discusses Julia’s time in the south of France and her food philosophy, while demonstrating how to make a three-course meal channeling the master. The exclusive event is limited to 15 guests who will enjoy a slideshow, cooking demo, recipes, and the full meal, which begins with Tomatoes à la Provençal followed by an entrée of Roast Chicken with Tarragon Brown Butter Sauce and Potato Gratin Dauphinois; ending with a dessert of Lemon Chiffon.


  • Recipes from a Florentine Farmhouse
  • On the Normandy Trail
  • Morroccan Tagine Sunday Dinner
  • The Garden of France
  • French Country Brunch
  • Scottish Castle Kitchen Cooking
  • Taste of Cape Cod
  • Taste of English Country (Downton Abbey Inspired)
  • Taste of the Italian Riviera
  • Salads Days Are Here Again
  • Seasonal Sides (All four seasons)
  • Eat the Rainbow- Veggieriffic
  • Grains, Greens, and Beans
  • Farm to Fork menus

Early Taste of Spring

Spring is in the air as this class anticipates the refreshing flavors and vibrant colors to come. Early spring vegetables and ham take center stage in this carbonara-inspired risotto dish made rich with cheese and a poached egg. A zingy orange and beetroot salad with roasted seeds makes a perfectly paired side salad to the luscious risotto. You’ll understand why strawberries have been considered an aphrodisiac through history when you sample the salted butter cake topped with strawberry compote and basil- a dessert that leaves you swooning. During class, Shawnie will discuss the folklore surrounding eggs, strawberries, beets, and oranges and how they, along with the Easter egg, have been viewed throughout history and in popular culture.

Summer Picnic Potluck 

Tis the season for eating out of doors. Join food writer, Shawnie Kelley as she demonstrates how to make four tasty dishes that will make you the envy of the picnic. A summery Cowboy Trifle is layered with cornbread, cheese, vegetables and herbs- a colorful one bowl wonder that is both filling and stands up well to summer heat. Also learn a new twist on two classic sides: an herb and spice-loaded (mayo-free) Potato Salad and Calico Beans, a meatier take on sweet southern baked beans. Class ends on a sweet note with Blackbery Butter Bars. Recipes included.

Flavors of Fall

Ease into autumn with this delicious vegetable-forward demonstration style cooking class. Learn to make stick-to-the-ribs recipes using the bounty of late summer and cast iron cooking. Channel the deep flavors of fall beginning with a charred sweet corn fritter served with a side of smoky red pepper sauce. Roasted vegetables tucked into handmade pizza dough are the star of a cast iron deep-dish pizza topped with savory tomato basil sauce. The dessert of Orchard Crumble is a great way to use up an abundance of fruit and berries.

Summer Seafood Boil

Channel ocean breezes and salty air with a social summer seafood boil. Shawnie will discuss the regional differences in outdoor clambakes and seafood boils, while demonstrating how to achieve similar flavors in a stovetop version or on an outdoor grill for the ultimate backyard party. A traditional combination of shrimp, crab, finfish, and other shellfish are simmered in a punched-up broth seasoned with spices and beer then served with the classic sides of red potatoes, corn on the cob, and spicy sausage. Roll up your sleeves, as the whole heap is dolled out for a truly communal feast. Cold beer and a Cape Cod-inspired Blackberry Almond Tart round out the seaside menu. Come rain or shine! This class will transport you to the shore.



COWGIRL CHOW: Farm to Fork Cooking Series 

Join food and travel writer, Shawnie Kelley, and Hellwig Farm owner, Jennifer Boren as they demo a menu of original farmhouse favorites in the rustic kitchen at Hellwig Farm, just east of New Albany. Sip a Cowgirl Cocktail while learning to make several recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients- many of which were grown on the farm. During the cooking demo, Jennifer discusses what’s in season and her efforts for a healthy lifestyle and real food, while Shawnie shares her experiences in culinary travel, food writing, and recipe testing for a few celebrity chef’s cookbooks.

Crockpot Chow : Slow Food. Slow Cooking.

Belly up to the wood burner at Hellwig Farm, as we celebrate National Slow Cooking Month. We all know the phrase “set-it and forget it,” but slow cooking comes in many forms. The Cowgirl Chow girls share three versatile recipes- one each for the electric crockpot, cast iron Dutch oven, and tagine (a conical clay cooker popular in north African and southern French cuisine). Sip mulled wine while sampling Jennifer’s easy Meat and Potatoes stacked crock pot dinner, Shawnie’s favorite vegetable tagine side dish laced with fragrant wintry spices, and our fruity upside down pineapple cake. Come armed with your favorite crockpot recipe (if you wish to share) and we’ll discuss various techniques and global inspirations for slow cooking.

What’s Cookin’?

Stacked Meat and Potato Dinner

Wintry Vegetable Tagine (cauliflower, chick peas, raisins, lemon, etc)

Dutch-oven Upside Down Pineapple Cake

Cowgirl Cocktail: Mulled Wine


Cowgirl Chow’s Moveable Feast

It is that time of year when we begin to yearn for spring. The Moveable Feast menu nods toward Easter while feeding our inner goddess’ need for springy green and zingy citrus. Tapping into the early harvest of spring peas, we demo a vibrant soup that is delicious both hot and cold, while a fresh take on deviled eggs will surely spice up the Easter table. Jennifer’s ham and potato gratin and Shawnie’s lemon pudding with mini meringues embrace the transition from winter comfort food to lighter spring eating. During the demo, learn about the evolution of Easter food traditions and ancient customs associated with the onset spring. Our punchy Cowgirl Cocktail flirts with spring flavors, but feel free to bring your own drink if you have a favorite.

What’s Cookin’?

The Devil Made Me Do It Eggs (mash with avocado & nip of lime & jalapeño)

Thank The Green Goddess for Pea Soup

Ham and Sweet Potato Gratin

Meyer Lemon Pudding with Poppyseed Meringues

Cowgirl Cocktail: Sneaky Pete Punch


Derby de Mayo

One menu. Two celebrations. Every few years the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo falls on the same day as the Kentucky Derby… so we’re going there! This hybrid menu embraces both celebrations by putting a Mexican twist on our Derby favorites. Learn to make a riff on Benedictine Dip, Kentucky Hot Brown sandwiches, and Derby Pie. Our Cowgirl Cocktail is a mashup of a mojito- julep- smash bourbon-based drink, but feel free to BYOB if you prefer to sip something else while watching and sampling our demo of three recipes. The warm, rainy season may be upon us, so dig out your wellies, cowgirl boots, a fancy hat or even a sombrero. Hee Haw & Olé!!

What’s Cookin’?

Salsa Benedictine      (A riff on Benedictine dip)

Kentucky Caliente Brown      (Kentucky Hot Brown with a Mexican Twist)

Mayan Pecan Pie       (chili powder for a kick & a grating of chocolate on top)

Cowgirl Cocktail: Mangonada Julep (mango chunks & mint in light bourbon / Mojito-Julep-Smash)


Around My Farmhouse Table: Tuscany-inspired

Drawing inspiration from the rolling hills of Tuscany, this unexpectedly beautiful herb pasta will wow your family and friends. Fazzoletti, loosely translated as “handkerchief,” is super thin pasta rolled with herbs then stretched until it resembles a patterned scarf. This artistic, creative, and delicious recipe takes advantage of the summer’s bounty of herbs, allowing for endless combinations of aromatics, edible flowers, and flavor profiles that you’ll return to throughout the season. The hands-on class begins with Shawnie’s fail-proof dough, which you decorate and roll, then top with a simple sauce and accompanying vegetable. Prepare to be smitten with dessert- a rustic almond pine nut cookie and fruity, homemade marmalade. We’ll explore herbal variations while learning the surprisingly simple technique of this stunning pasta dish, which is almost too pretty to eat… almost! Hee haw & buon appetito! A great class for vegetarians.

What’s Cookin’?

Kerchief “Fazzoletti” Pasta with Shallot Butter Sauce

Pan-roasted Tuscan-style Asparagus (lemon, garlic, cherry tomatoes, parm, herby breadcrumbs)

Country Almond Cookies & fruit maramalade

Cowgirl Cocktail: Strawberry Patch Bellini (Prosecco, pureed strawberry, fizz & strawberry slices)