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Wanderlust Tours

Our boutique tours capped at 10 guests offer exclusive, unforgettable escapes for individuals, couples, corporate and all-female groups.  Wanderlust Tours specialize in French, Italian and British travel and unique experiences within the United states.  Each year, we design and conduct only a few specialized, fully-guided, small group tours as to maintain their high quality and deliver a seamless, multi-faceted experience. Our expertise, guidance, and close relationships with our partners (both here and abroad) allow our guests to feel comfortable immersing themselves in the culture and cuisine of a destination while we take care of the details.  Each of our existing tours combine cultural and culinary experiences into the itinerary.



History, art, and culture. The past, present, and future. Our Cultural travel portfolio explores in depth a destination’s history and heritage. Revel in French Riviera glamor while learning about Nice’s Belle Époque golden age, or dig in deep into Roman legacy throughout Provence. Our guests get up close and personal with masterpieces of art, castles, and cathedrals, trek to mountain and seaside villages, and gain special access to heritage sites that are on and off the beaten track. Our cultural tours also appeal to your foodie side as every itinerary offers some form of behind-the-scene visits to artisan food producers; guided market tours; or relevant tastings as part of the all-inclusive pricing. This collection is about discovering the many different personalities of a destination.



Savor the journey. Our Culinary portfolio is extremely food-forward, including cooking classes at Michelin-rated kitchens or Provencal farmhouses; specialized regional food and vineyard tours; or hands-on field-to-fork experiences. Our tours span the spectrum from high-end “farm to fork” agri-tourism in California and Italy to more urbane explorations of specific city food traditions. We go behind the scenes into the workshops of food and drink crafters; meet farmers, cheese mongers, and chefs; visit markets, unique food shops, and market districts. Our small groups sometimes stay in rural farmhouses, chic cottages, and higher-end country inns for added flavor. This collection is about connecting with the bounty each destination has to offer.



Play hard. Eat Real. Make a rigorous trek into the Pyrenees Mountains to visit perched Cathar castles or kick up your activity level in the towering Dolomite Mountains after a few days of meandering the side streets of Venice. Join a British tour to get up close and personal with the skeletal remains of 1,000 year-old abbey or go way-off-the-tourist-track to Cornwall’s Neolithic sacred stone circles. The breath-taking scenery of Snowdonia Park serves as both backdrop to the “iron ring” of medieval castles in north Wales and also as a source of active adventures. Our Adventure collection reminds us that being active is a much richer experience when local culture and cuisine is in the mix.

GirlGotta travel

Wanderlust for Women

Has our feminine wiles in mind. Sisters, mothers, and girlfriends set off for female-focused fun in France, gallivanting through Great Britain; or idyllic Italian walking tours. We seek out woman-owned businesses and restaurants; stay in female-friendly (or owned) lodging when possible; and visit places with a femme-focused history or special allure for the ladies. Whether it’s a Femme Fatale girlfriend getaway to France or a mother-daughter spa trip to the Italian countryside, our tours bring women together through culture, food, and adventure. Wanderlust Tours seeks out destinations connected to women and seek out and patronize female-owned businesses when possible. Wanderlust Tours founder, Shawnie Kelley’s recent book, A Woman’s Guide to France serves as inspiration behind a new collection of forthcoming French tours just for the ladies.


Self-Guided Travel

Independent Travelers who may not need (or want) a fully guided trip, but are looking for travel guidance, may enlist our experts to organize a custom-designed, self-guided trip.  Our Wanderlust staff might help arrange transportation, book hotels, develop driving itineraries, suggest wining, dining, and attractions, and provide reliable destination-specific travel advice. Our consulting fees vary based on the level of request and credit cards are required at the time of booking.