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Published Articles

The following are published articles and excerpts from various publications, written by Wanderlust Travel Press and Tours owner & author, Shawnie Kelley

The Leveque Hotel: A Beacon of Hospitality

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The Leveque Tower has been a beacon of the Columbus skyline since 1927. This iconic Art Deco building was built by the American Insurance Company as an office building with 600 hotel rooms. The attached [...]

Malabar Farm: Agricultural Legacy & Living Classroom

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Malabar Farm “As soils are depleted, human health, vitality and intelligence go with them.”  ~Louis Bromfield To say Louis Bromfield was a strong advocate of scientific agriculture is an understatement. Bromfield not only championed the [...]

On the Trail of the Holy Grail: Knights Templar and Cathars

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On the Trail of the Holy Grail: Knights Templar and Cathars Château Montségur, a seemingly impregnable castle perched in the Pyrénées Mountains, became the final stronghold of the Cathars–a heretical religious sect against whom the [...]

On the Trail of the Holy Grail: Pyrénées Mountains

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On the Trail of the Holy Grail: Pyrénées Mountains Holy Grail traditions and Mary Magdalene’s enigmatic legend persists from the southern French coast inland to the mountains. Rennes-le-Chateau, a sleepy village in the foothills of [...]

On the Trail of the Holy Grail: Southern France

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On the Trail of the Holy Grail: Southern France Southern France is a hotbed of grail tales with a far flung cast of characters ranging from medieval jongleurs to Knights Templars to the biblical Mary Magdalene.  Local Provençal legends persist [...]

A Taste of Travel: A Culinarian Trifecta in Philadelphia

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A Taste of Travel looks at the ways food connects us with a culture and each other. Sharing the recipes and restaurants we have encountered along the way...  It has been a long time since I [...]

Queen Victoria Made the Riviera Royal, guest post by Carol Drinkwater

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We are excited to share a guest post by author and actress, Carol Drinkwater. Years ago, I came across Carol's beautifully-written trilogy about her experience buying a Provençal château and olive grove. The Olive Farm book led me [...]

Cathar Country: Languedoc, France

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This article was published in Rennaisance Magazine, issue #55.   By Shawnie Kelley Southwest France is synonymous with sensuous Mediterranean beaches, hillside vineyards and peaceful hamlets, but upon closer look, the Languedoc’s rugged landscape reveals a turbulent history [...]

Provence’s Sweet Holiday Tradition: Thirteen Desserts

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As published in the Winter 2012 issue of Edible Columbus. Les treize desserts de Noël- or the Thirteen Desserts of Christmas- is a delectable holiday tradition celebrated throughout the south of France. An array of symbolic [...]