Malabar Farm: Agricultural Legacy & Living Classroom

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Malabar Farm “As soils are depleted, human health, vitality and intelligence go with them.”  ~Louis Bromfield To say Louis Bromfield was a strong advocate of scientific agriculture is an understatement. Bromfield not only championed the American farmer in a time of great depression, but spearheaded a radical conservation effort in the name of soil, rain [...]

Chicken Consommé for the Soul: Grand Hotel

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If ever there is that one bite that becomes burned into your culinary memory, the Grand Hotel's chicken consommé was one of mine. Having spent a few glorious sunny summer days on Mackinac Island, we took our meals in the variety of Grand-owned restaurants around the property and in town. We chose to have the five-course dinner in the Main [...]

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Destination Grand: The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

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The Grand Hotel experience begins even before stepping foot onto northern Michigan's Mackinac Island. First glimpse of the stately white columns and billowing flags of the hotel unfurling along the hillside hints at the timeless luxury that awaits across across the bay. The fifteen-minute ferry ride (we used Shepler's Ferry out of Mackinaw City) is just a teaser as the boat [...]