Traveling International? Buy Local SIM Card for Phone

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International phone and data charges can cost almost as much as your trip.  Do a little research before you go to save yourself the exorbitant fees.  However, there are options.  US wireless carriers do offer International plans if you have a world GSM phone or iPad.  Your best bet is to plan ahead. Options: Use [...]

A Taste of Travel Cooking Series

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A Taste of Travel Welcome to A Taste of Travel where we indulge both your sense of Wanderlust and your passion for food. Our cooking classes recreate some of our favorite dishes experienced during our travels. Each class features two or three recipes from a specific region, for example Provence, the Italian Riviera or Cape Cod. The [...]

Chip & Pin

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Credit cards and ATM’s are usually the cheapest way to pay for your trip to Europe. However, Europe is changing their credit card system from the magnetic strip with which we Americans are all familiar to a new EMV (Europay-MasterCard-Visa) or chip and pin system.  These new chip & pin credit cards have a small [...]

Ode to the Haggis

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On Jan 25, Scotland celebrates their National Poet, Robert Burns, with a traditional Burns Night Supper of haggis, 'neeps and tatties, wee drams of whisky, and lively readings of the great bard's poetry, including "Address to the Haggis". Below, you can read author and Wanderlust Tours owner, Shawnie Kelley's article, Ode to the Haggis, as [...]

All Aboard the Chili Train!

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For the third year straight, Wanderlust Tours partner, Shawnie Kelley and our culinary consultant Genevieve Reiner judged The Athletic Club of Columbus' Sixth Annual Chili Cook-off on January 24, 2014. Once again, the judges decided unanimously on a well-deserving winner. A rich, savory, smoky beef and lamb chili took home the trophy.

Lost Luggage?

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Have the airlines ever lost your luggage?  Trust me, you don't want to experience a vacation or worse, a business trip without your luggage!  New options are being developed to track and find your luggage. One option is the Trakdot Luggage Tracker - Trakdot Luggage™ is designed to provide airport-specific location information for your checked luggage. It [...]

Anker External Batteries

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This FunStuff Friday technology tip helps to keep you charged while on the go. Anker technology get fantastic reviews, provides wonderful customer service and is well priced to boot! We suggest getting yourself a portable Anker External Battery phone and device charger, which comes in various sizes and strengths. From their website... A shot to your phone. When [...]

CityScene Magazine Covers A Taste of Travel

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This past Thursday, we were pleased to have CityScene Magazine covering our Taste of Travel class at Upper Arlington's Lifelong Learning kitchen. Watch in the upcoming issue for the article featuring Recipes from a French Farmhouse and more about Wanderlust Tours culinary travel. Continue on your global culinary and cultural journey around France and Italy this spring [...]

A Woman’s Guide to France, by Shawnie Kelley

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A Woman's Guide to France Whether a die-hard Francophile or suffering a serious case of wanderlust, A Woman's Guide to France encourages women to discover a special side of France dedicated to the feminine. Author Shawnie Kelley Foy draws on two decades of traveling, working, and living in France. In this comprehensive guide, Shawnie leads [...]

TSA PreCheck

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The TSA Pre✓™  application process allows U.S. citizens to go through a pre-enrollment process online and visit an application center to provide biographic information (e.g. name, date of birth, address, etc.), fingerprints, payment and valid required identity and citizenship/immigration documentation. All TSA Pre✓™ program applicants must visit an application center in-person to verify their identity [...]

Chip & Pin

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Credit cards and ATM’s are usually the cheapest way to pay for your trip to Europe.  However, Europe is changing their credit card system from the magnetic strip that we are all familiar with, to a new EMV (Europay-MasterCard-Visa) or chip and pin system.  These new credit cards have a small microchip embedded and a [...]