Trek and Travel Laundry Soap Leaves

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The new Trek and Travel use-specific Pocket Soaps by Sea to Summit contain 50 leaves of pure, dry soap, so there's no risk of leakage in your luggage. Choose from hand wash, body wash, shampoo, shaving soap, and laundry wash. We are excited to try all of the various products, but find the Trek and Travel Laundry Soap [...]

National Trust

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As a travel company that specializes in cultural and historical trips, we love working with various conservation and preservations organizations, such as the National Trust of England, which protects many of the greatest historic places and green spaces throughout the country. The National Trust was founded in 1895 and continues to maintain England's heritage primarily through memberships. If [...]

First Watch Portable Travel Lock

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Protect Your belongings while traveling! A small investment in First Watch Security's Portable Travel Lock saves you the long term hassle of having your cash, passports, electronics or other valuables stolen. The chrome lock can be purchased for under $15 directly from First Watch or online at or Home Depot. This gadget was recently featured on the Today Show and [...]

Paris By Mouth 

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One of the best ways to explore Paris is by mouth! Some of our favorite food tours through the City of Light are conducted by Paris By Mouth - a locally owned and operated company focused on all things food an drink.Their incredibly comprehensive Website is continuously updated with reliable reviews, themed lists, and foodie events. Looking [...]

You’ve Been Scouted: The Scout Guide

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The Scout Guide is a series of city guides that highlight the best of "local" in each location, showcasing each town’s homegrown and independently owned businesses in a variety of ways with beautiful print publication, carefully curated blogs, and regularly updated social media pages. This colorful collection of beautifully illustrated books are our latest go-to guides whenever [...]

Problems While on The Road? Tweet…

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If you encounter problems while on the road, take a moment to tweet directly at the source. According to the Perrin Report  by Wendy Perrin in Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, "Tweeting directly to an airline or hotel - sometimes even a car rental company or cruise line - can be the fastest and easiest way to get results." Tweet [...]

Carnegie International: A Playground in Pittsburgh

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Carnegie International: A Playground in Pittsburgh Every few years, one of the world's most entrenched artsy rituals takes place at the Carnegie Museum of Art, located just a few miles outside of downtown Pittsburgh.  The Carnegie International is the oldest North American exhibition of contemporary art showcasing new artists from around the globe. It was first organized at [...]

Modernism Week in Palm Springs

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  It's time to make like a 1950s Hollywood starlet and head to Palm Springs for Modernism Week - a twice annual celebration of all things mid-century. Each February and October, more than 40,000 fans of desert architecture, mid-century design and modernism culture flock to the sunny Coachella Valley for eleven days of cocktail parties, exhibitions, lectures, films, expos, [...]

Boingo WiFi

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Our FunStuff Friday suggestion helps frequent travelers stay connected while saving money. Rather than pay the exorbitant roaming cellular charges charged by your US cellular provider, why not sign up for a WiFi provider such as Boingo.  Boingo provides 700,000+ hotspots worldwide, dozens of plans for the US, Europe, Asia, UK & Ireland and a WIFI [...]

Traveling International? Buy Local SIM Card for Phone

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International phone and data charges can cost almost as much as your trip.  Do a little research before you go to save yourself the exorbitant fees.  However, there are options.  US wireless carriers do offer International plans if you have a world GSM phone or iPad.  Your best bet is to plan ahead. Options: Use [...]

Chip & Pin

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Credit cards and ATM’s are usually the cheapest way to pay for your trip to Europe. However, Europe is changing their credit card system from the magnetic strip with which we Americans are all familiar to a new EMV (Europay-MasterCard-Visa) or chip and pin system.  These new chip & pin credit cards have a small [...]