Nemacolin Woodlands Resort: Create Your Own Experience

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A MOUNTAIN NEST One hour southeast of Pittsburgh is Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, a luxurious mountain retreat sprawling across 2,000 acres of scenic hills and valleys. This area, known as the Laurel Highlands, is a storied region where Native American and colonial history runs deep and beautiful, mountainous terrain climbs steep. It is home to Pennsylvania's highest [...]

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Chicken Consommé for the Soul: Grand Hotel

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If ever there is that one bite that becomes burned into your culinary memory, the Grand Hotel's chicken consommé was one of mine. Having spent a few glorious sunny summer days on Mackinac Island, we took our meals in the variety of Grand-owned restaurants around the property and in town. We chose to have the five-course dinner in the Main [...]

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Destination Grand: The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

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The Grand Hotel experience begins even before stepping foot onto northern Michigan's Mackinac Island. First glimpse of the stately white columns and billowing flags of the hotel unfurling along the hillside hints at the timeless luxury that awaits across across the bay. The fifteen-minute ferry ride (we used Shepler's Ferry out of Mackinaw City) is just a teaser as the boat [...]

Taking the Waters: A Spa Day at the Greenbrier

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Taking the Waters. A Spa Day at the Greenbrier, West Virginia When in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, it only makes sense to do what the Native Americans and travelers, including George Washington, have done for centuries ... take the waters. Sink your body into the local mineral waters for whatever ails you. Tucked into the folds [...]

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Ritual & Refinement: Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel, Boston

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I have been on a bit of an Afternoon Tea odyssey lately. There is something genteel and charming about the formality of it all. Tea cups with roses. Tiny sandwiches. Tiers of minature sweets. While living in England for a few years, friends and I sat sipping darjeeling with pinky's out at the Savoy. We drove the Fortnum & [...]

“The Grande Dame of the Sea”: Wentworth By The Sea | New Hampshire

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In an effort to research some of America's great hotels for my book America's Grande Dames, I discovered this majestic beacon perched on a hill overlooking the island of New Castle, just near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Wentworth-by-the Sea has an aristocratic ring to it. It was in fact built by a local ale tycoon in 1874 and [...]

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Seattle Architectural Foundation Walking Tour

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During my last trip to Seattle, the Executive Director of the Seattle Architectural Foundation hooked me up with a private walking tour around downtown. I had the pleasure of spending two hours with Eva Weaver, one of SAF's deeply knowledgeable tour guides. The customized tour focused on Art Deco skyscrapers in the Northwest style, built in the late 1920s [...]

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A Modern Grand Dame: Boston Harbor Hotel

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This waterfront building has always held a particular allure for me.  The enormous flag billowing in the archway. The perfect location between harbor and city. Back door airport water taxi service. For decades, I admired this hotel from afar. It was now time to see what all the hubbub is about, especially after reading about the massive [...]

Picturing Christmas: The Nativity in Renaissance Art

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By Shawnie Kelley, as published in Renaissance Magazine, Issue 58.      " ... she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn ...     This line of text has been visualized a thousand times over. [...]

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Flying Fish & Other Delicacies from Pike Place Market | Seattle

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My first trip to Seattle was centered on food and of course, I had a mile-long agenda. The iconic Pike Place Market was at the top of the list, and conveniently at the bottom of the hill from our hotel. By the time we arrived, the vendors had packed it in for the day, but a quiet stroll through the [...]

A Taste of Travel: Lavender Lemon Shortbread Bars

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A Taste of Travel looks at the ways food connects us with a culture and each other. Sharing the recipes and restaurants we have encountered along the way...  Channeling the wild heather of the Scottish Highlands, the lavender combines a floral note with the vibrancy of lemon curd–like filling to make an unforgettable flavor combination. Make the [...]

Sanctuary Under the Sea

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The Atlantic Ocean along outer Cape Cod is considered one of the world's top ten places for whale watching. Our favorite tour company, Dolphin Fleet out of Provincetown, has been in business since 1976 and is committed to responsible whale watching and protecting the marine environment. Every trip includes a naturalist commenting on what we are seeing while actively collecting scientific data. [...]