A Taste of Travel

Welcome to A Taste of Travel where we indulge both your sense of Wanderlust and your passion for food. Our cooking classes recreate some of our favorite dishes experienced during our travels. Each class features two or three recipes from a specific region, for example Provence, the Italian Riviera or Cape Cod. The lively cooking demos are sprinkled with a bit of history and culture. You’ll learn about the background of each dish, regional food traditions, and variations. The accompanying slideshow features a beautiful blend of food, scenery, art, and architecture – images helping to put the region and recipes into context.

About the Instructor: Shawnie Kelley has lived and worked in France, Scotland, and England and continues to travel extensively for professional and personal inspiration. As a food lover, she is particularly interested in exploring regional culinary traditions and how cuisine connects us with culture, history, and each other, which explains how food finds its way into nearly every aspect of her work and travels.

Check out Shawnie’s books on her official Amazon Author page, original recipes on food blog Manges! Mangi!, and a world of recipes on Pinterest.

Experience A Taste of Travel through our year-round cooking classes. A complete list is regularly updated on our Events page..



The Garden of France (April 10)

Recipes from the Italian Riviera (May 1)




Some of our past classes include:

  • Recipes from a Tuscan Farmhouse
  • Crossroads France: Provençal and North African Cuisine
  • A Taste of English Country
  • Great Crepe Escape
  • Provence on a Plate
  • Cafe Culture of Paris
  • The Big Supper: Christmas Eve in Provence
  • The French Market
  • Crossroads of France: Italian influence on Riviera Cuisine
  • Provençal Herbed Pasta: Handkercheif Pasta
  • A Nantucket Feast