Cathar Country: Languedoc, France

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This article was published in Rennaisance Magazine, issue #55.   By Shawnie Kelley Southwest France is synonymous with sensuous Mediterranean beaches, hillside vineyards and peaceful hamlets, but upon closer look, the Languedoc’s rugged landscape reveals a turbulent history steeped in religious rebellion, bloody battles and grail legend. This region, historically known as the County of Toulouse, is home [...]

Discover Cape Cod on Nantucket!

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We are thrilled to be invited to participate in the Nantucket Book Festival, which runs June 17-19, 2016. Join Discover Cape Cod, author Shawnie Kelley and Sherri Pickett in the author's tent on Saturday, June 18. Come on out and see us! There will be lots of presenters and other special events through the weekend. The book festival is [...]

A Taste of Travel: Soy & Ginger Seared Tofu with Vegetable Udon Stir-fry

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This recipe came from the need to use up some vegetables in the fridge in a quick, healthy way. I already had a container of baked tofu, which is worth making once a week if you want an inexpensive protein that can take on the flavor of anything you prefer. This week, I pressed and [...]

Graveyard of the Atlantic

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On February 18, 1952 The Coast Guard undertook one of its greatest rescue efforts in history. We've included an excerpt from Discover Cape Cod about this phenomenal tale of two tankers splitting in half during a terrible nor'easter and were thrashed about at the mercy of the stormy sea. The heroes of this story risked their lives [...]

Chocolate Hazelnut Crêpe Cake Recipe

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GUEST POST, by MANDY JONES Chocolate Hazelnut Crêpe Cake From the time I was very young, crêpes were a staple breakfast food on the menu in our home. My favorite meal of the day was "breakfast for dinner". You know what I'm talking about...foregoing the oven roasted chicken or fresh pasta for a plate of [...]