Paris By Mouth 

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One of the best ways to explore Paris is by mouth! Some of our favorite food tours through the City of Light are conducted by Paris By Mouth - a locally owned and operated company focused on all things food an drink.Their incredibly comprehensive Website is continuously updated with reliable reviews, themed lists, and foodie events. Looking [...]

All Roads Lead to Avignon

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Avignon: Kingdom of the Popes “All roads lead to Avignon” or so went the saying when, in 1305, Pope Clement V moved the papacy from strife-torn Rome to a peaceful, Provencal town in southern France.  This political move shifted the center of Christendom from the Eternal City to the small, papal enclave of Avignon for [...]

A Tasty Trip, City Scene Magazine

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A Tasty Trip, indeed! A month or so ago, we were happy to host a writer from Columbus City Scene Magazine in our Taste of Travel class, "Recipes from a French Farmhouse" taught at Upper Arlington's Lifelong Learning program. This class featured dishes and food traditions that one might find in the Burgundy region: Beef Bourgignon, Tartiflette, and Pear Flaugnarde. We were [...]

You’ve Been Scouted: The Scout Guide

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The Scout Guide is a series of city guides that highlight the best of "local" in each location, showcasing each town’s homegrown and independently owned businesses in a variety of ways with beautiful print publication, carefully curated blogs, and regularly updated social media pages. This colorful collection of beautifully illustrated books are our latest go-to guides whenever [...]

On the Grail Trail: Great Britain

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© A version of this original article by Shawnie Kelley was published in Renaissance Magazine, issue #64. Please do not reproduce any content without permission. On the Grail Trail Christian tradition says the Holy Grail was a cup or bowl used during the Last Supper by Jesus Christ and which, after the crucifixion, held his blood. [...]