Trek and Travel Laundry Soap Leaves

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The new Trek and Travel use-specific Pocket Soaps by Sea to Summit contain 50 leaves of pure, dry soap, so there's no risk of leakage in your luggage. Choose from hand wash, body wash, shampoo, shaving soap, and laundry wash. We are excited to try all of the various products, but find the Trek and Travel Laundry Soap [...]

Wanderlust Publishing: Discover Cape Cod

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Wanderlust Publishing: Discover Cape Cod is due to be released October, 2015. Experience is everything!   As history buffs, one of our favorite things about travel is how much it can bring to life the past of a place. Conversely, knowing a destination's history enriches the travel experience. This book is unique in our Discover Guides travel series as it [...]

Roman Gaul: A Bit of Ancient History in Southern France

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Excerpt from: A Woman’s Guide to France In 53 B.C.E. Julius Caesar invaded Gaul, and the Romanization of ancient France began. The process began with the taking of Marseilles and , within a year, spread from Provence to Paris and beyond.  While Paris, originally named Lutetia, doesn’t contain many visible Roman ruins, one is able [...]