Wanderlust PublishingDiscover Cape Cod is due to be released October, 2015.

Experience is everything!


As history buffs, one of our favorite things about travel is how much it can bring to life the past of a place. Conversely, knowing a destination’s history enriches the travel experience. This book is unique in our Discover Guides travel series as it combines history tales with offbeat experiences that bring each story to life. The book includes pictures, valuable visitor tips, and a short travel compendium that encourages you to Discover Cape Cod in your own way! It will be released in both print and eBook formats just in time for an autumn trip to the Cape.

Excerpt From: Shawnie Kelley’s Discover Cape Cod 

“Discover Cape Cod  is more than a compilation of history lessons, but rather a history meets travel guide. Each story suggests an interactive experience to help bring to life a particular moment in time. Cape Cod is a sensory driven place where the past can be felt with a simple hike through the same terrain the founding fathers trekked or by watching fog roll in to Chatham Beach, remembering all the ships lost in centuries of nor’easters. Knowing the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ of a destination helps to create a true sense of place and enrich one’s travels.”

Discover Cape Cod will be available from us on our website, but also via Amazon, B&N, Kindle, iBooks, and other outlets.

Watch for Wanderlust Publishing’s forthcoming Discover Guides: Cape Cod – a series of six regional travel guides that showcase the Cape’s and Island’s specific, regional offerings: These beautifully curated books dig in deep to the ‘experiential,’ ‘authentic,’ ‘local,’ and sometimes  ‘unexpected’ cultural and culinary findings throughout the Upper, Middle, Outer, and Lower Cape, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

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