Of Kings and Artists

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The Loire Valley, two hours southwest of Paris, is the birthplace of Renaissance France. For centuries, the royal city of Amboise attracted both kings and artists. What comes as a surprise to many visitors is that Amboise is the resting place of Italy’s greatest Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci.  Having worked in the service of two [...]

Sweet Memories

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Sweet Memories.... Tales from a Parisian Pâtisserie by Wanderlrust Tours owner, Shawnie Kelley Foy La douceur de vivre... the sweet life... This is among the first pictures I took in Paris using my very first digital camera with a whopping one megapixel resolution. Late 90s. My hotel was next to this amazing bakery (which I [...]

Chenonceau: the Château of Women

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One of the most romantic châteaux anywhere in France elegantly straddles the Cher River in the Indre-sur-Loire region, a few hours southwest of Paris. Fittingly nicknamed the Château des Dames (The Château of Women), Chenonceau has been maintained through the centuries by seven extraordinary women with reputations for having iron fists in velvet gloves – [...]

Introducing Wanderlust Publishing

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Introducing Wanderlust Publishing... Experiential. Authentic. Local. Unexpected. We’re excited to share our new foray into the world of travel. Sherri Pickett and Shawnie Kelley have launched Wanderlust Publishing - a small, independent publishing house based in Columbus, Ohio. Wanderlust Publishing is all about experiential travel and immersing our readers in the heritage, history, and food of a destination. Discover [...]

The Prince of Pirates: “Black Sam” Bellamy

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On April 26, 1717, notorious pirate, “Black Sam” Bellamy went to a watery grave when his flagship, Whydah, sunk off the coast of Cape Cod in a brutal nor’easter. Most of the crew and a belly full of booty went down with the ship, lying buried under the shifting sand for more than 250 years. Tales [...]