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Some of Paris’ most authentic global cuisine is found in its food markets. Our Culinary Crossroads: Parisian Markets class draws inspiration from the Marché les Enfant Rouge- the city’s oldest market (c. 1615) in the Marais district. Explore spicy exchanges between France and North Africa as instructor Shawnie Kelley shares an original recipe for a Moroccan Lamb Tagine with vegetables and dried fruit—an adaptation of her award-winning recipe in the National Food Bloggers Association competition. Learn the complex, earthy blend of spices, rich sauce, melt-in-your-mouth meat, and vibrant fruits and vegetables that make up this hearty family-style stew.

“While living in France, I had my first taste of tagine in Marseilles— and was hooked. I became fascinated with the culinary exchanges between France and other cultures.”

Also learn to made homemade ricotta sesame rolls with cardamom-saffron syrup, another North African-inspired market recipe. Think “cannoli with a cheesy twist!” We discuss history, food traditions, and spice markets. Recipes and regional wine are included in this Columbus cooking class.