Graveyard of the Atlantic

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On February 18, 1952 The Coast Guard undertook one of its greatest rescue efforts in history. We've included an excerpt from Discover Cape Cod about this phenomenal tale of two tankers splitting in half during a terrible nor'easter and were thrashed about at the mercy of the stormy sea. The heroes of this story risked their lives [...]

Wicked Local Yarmouth writes about ‘Discover Cape Cod’

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'Discover Cape Cod' offers new take on travel guide Wicked Local Yarmouth By Conor Powers-Smith Posted Jan. 1, 2016 at 5:00 AM Link to Original Article The many visitors who flock to Cape Cod each summer have no shortage of resources to point them toward the region’s beaches, landmarks, and other attractions. But Shawnie Kelley, [...]

Ticket to Write: Author Shawnie Kelley digs into past of places she writes about

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Columbus Dispatch Sunday January 3, 2016 5:00 AM Link to Original Article Knowing something of the history — the deep roots — of the places I travel always helps me to enjoy and appreciate those places more.Local travel writer Shawnie Kelley shares that philosophy and has launched the first in a proposed series [...]

Got Wanderlust? Longnook Beach

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This Wanderlust Wednesday takes us to the majestic dunes of Longnook Beach on the coast of Cape Cod, near Truro. The intro to our forthcoming book, Discover Cape Cod quotes Henry David Thoreau's vision of Cape Cod as "the bared and bended arm of Massachusetts ... boxing with northeast storms, and, ever and anon, heaving her Atlantic [...]