One of the best parts of volunteering at Ohio’s largest marathon is knowing the impact it has on tens of thousands of people, from patients at the Children’s Hospital to extraordinary athletes to first time runners who rise to the personal challenge of completing a marathon. Wanderlust Tours partner, Sherri Pickett enthusiastically serves at the Columbus Marathon Finish Line Captain, managing the logistics, blankets, medals, and volunteers, among who includes Wanderlust partner Shawnie Kelley and Culinary Travel Consultant, Mandy Jones. It’s a ton of work, but thoroughly gratifying and inspiring to help complete the experience for so many runners who train long and hard for the race. For us personally, who each believe in eating healthy, integrating physical activity into our lives, and giving back to the community, this day is always leaves us with such a satisfied feeling- Congratulations to everyone who finished. See you next year at the Finish Line!