Taste of Travel: Mediterranean “Handkerchief” Pasta

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A Taste of Travel looks at the ways food connects us with a culture and each other. Sharing the recipes and restaurants we have encountered along the way…  Fazzoletti Herb Pasta Does your herb garden runneth over? Here is a sublime way to capture the end of summer on a plate. Fazzoletti, which in Italian loosely [...]

Cowgirl Chow: Tuscan Farmhouse-inspired “Handkerchief” Pasta

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SATURDAY, May 30, 2015 Herbs. Beauty. Simplicity. Drawing inspiration from the rolling hills of Tuscany, this unexpectedly beautiful herb pasta will wow your family and friends. Fazzoletti, loosely translated as "handkerchief pasta," is a thin pasta rolled with herbs then stretched until it resembles a patterned scarf. This artistic, creative, and delicious recipe takes advantage of [...]

Mediterranean “Handkerchief Pasta” – Thurs. Oct 23

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Impress your family and friends by learning to make this beautiful, herbaceous Mediterranean pasta called Fazzoletti - also known as "handkerchief pasta." Instructor: Shawnie Kelley at Upper Arlington's Lifelong Learning on Oct 23, 2014