On October 18 & 19, Wanderlust Tours partner, Sherri Pickett takes the helm as Finish Line Captain of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon.  One of the best parts of volunteering at Ohio’s largest marathon is realizing the impact it has on tens of thousands of people, from patients at the Children’s Hospital to extraordinary athletes to first time runners who undertake the personal challenge of completing a marathon. Sherri enthusiastically oversees all of the finish line logistics, including blankets, medals, food, and volunteers. It’s truly gratifying and inspiring to help complete the experience for so many runners who train long and hard for the race. Our personal philosophies are to eat healthy, integrate physical activity into our lifestyles, and give back to our community, so this day is always leaves us feeling deep satisfaction.

It takes nearly 3,000 volunteers to make the Columbus Marathon 2014 such a great event.  If you would like to volunteer at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Marathon go to the volunteer registration page to sign up. There are still opportunities to participate.