I was introduced to Context Travel guided walking tours by my Wanderlust Tours partner with whom I was traveling to Rome and Paris. She took one of these in-depth, scholarly led tours a few years back and raved about how well-done they are. The small (no more than 6 to a group) tours are led by local historians, professors, and scholars able to put the city’s history and development into CONTEXT through guided tours and commentary.

I confess. I did a double-take when I read the length of tours range from two to sometimes four or five hours and was a bit hesitant to commit. I feared my attention span might wane after a few hours- especially “so early” in the morning. But who am I kidding? I adore history, architecture, and learning—- so we registered for not one, but two different tours in a single day. The four hour Roma Antica tour offering a comprehensive look at the Coliseum and Forum and a two hour Underground Coliseum tour of its recently opened subterranean levels where the gladiators and animals once dwelled.

Ambitious seeming- yes. But it turned out to be one of the most memorable parts of our two week trip, and by far the best guided day tours I have ever experienced…ever.

Part of the Wanderlust philosophy is to help our guests develop a ‘sense of place’ while traveling and taking a Context tour is a great way to do that- especially if you have limited time in a city. Wanderlust Tours partnering with Context Tours seems a natural fit. We are now very pleased to be able to provide bookings for any of their fabulous tours and plan to integrate them into our own itineraries.

We enthusiastically direct our clients to Context tours, completely trusting them to create an extraordinary experience— worth every cent. In fact, I have already sent a few people their way and have received incredible feedback.

There is a reason Context has been receiving rave reviews by Huffington Post, Conde Nast, Wall Street Journal, Nat Geo, and others. Read here for more reviews.

If you would like to book a Context Travel tour, drop me a line at info@wanderlust-tours.com. Context offers a broad spectrum of culture, food, and art tours in many of the major European cities and are expanding their offerings in the US (NY, Boston, Philadelphia) and Asia. We are happy to coordinate this service.

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