After a successful winter series, join us for our spring classes at Upper Arlington’s Lifelong Learning and The Seasoned Farmhouse in Clintonville. A Taste of Travel indulges both your sense of Wanderlust and your passion for food. Our cooking classes recreate some of our favorite dishes experienced during our travels. Each class features two or three recipes from a specific region, for example Provence, the Italian Riviera or Cape Cod. Lively cooking demos are sprinkled with a bit of history and culture. You’ll learn about the background of each dish, regional food traditions, and variations. The accompanying slideshow features a beautiful blend of food, scenery, art, and architecture – images helping to put the region and recipes into context.

Experience A Taste of Travel through our year-round cooking classes. A complete list of our current offerings are updated on the Events page.



The Garden of France (April 10)

The Loire Valley is synonymous with sumptuous chateaux, villages and vineyards, and turbulent history. This lush river valley is also home to some of France’s most beautiful country comfort cuisine. Explore the Loire’s gastronomy through cooking demonstration and discussion of regional delicacies, cheese, and wine. Learn to make Gåteau de Viande- a rustic French version of meatloaf and the celebrated Tarte Tatin (upside-down apple tart). While sampling the dishes, we explore the food traditions of this storied region with links to Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart, and other monarchs and mistresses.

Recipes from the Italian Riviera (May 1)

The sun kisses everything in the Italian Riviera from the landscape to its cuisine. It’s no wonder artists and conquerors alike have been drawn to Liguria for millennia. This class explores recipes and food traditions of northwestern Italy, a cuisine imbued with fresh ingredients, herbs, and olive oil. Learn to make a regional favorite of hand-twisted, egg-free pasta accompanied by a traditional pesto with green beans and potatoes along with a historic dessert of biancomangiare- a silky almond custard. While demonstrating the dishes, Shawnie shares images of markets, villages, and architecture along with variations on the recipes.


About the InstructorShawnie Kelley has lived and worked in France, Scotland and England and continues to travel extensively for personal inspiration and tour development. As a food lover, she is particularly interested in exploring regional culinary traditions and how cuisine connects us with culture, which explains how food finds its way into nearly every aspect of her work.  Check out her books on the official Amazon Author page.