When You Only Have A Weekend… in Provincetown

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When you only have a weekend in Provincetown–the colorful town on the sandy fist of Cape Cod– try to arrive well before the weekend rush hour traffic onto the Cape, especially during high season. I like to turn up in Provincetown before lunch in order to get convenient wharf parking and ease into this fabulous town chock full of history, [...]

A Taste of Travel: Ratatouille Boats

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A Taste of Travel looks at the ways food connects us with a culture and each other. Sharing the recipes and restaurants we have encountered along the way...  Ratatouille, a Provençal summer vegetable stew, showcases the bounty of summer and is a flexible, forgiving dish to make. I've taken a traditional recipe and changed it up for [...]

Racing Through Time: The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

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Did you know... the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, started in 1982, is the largest and longest continually-running vintage sports car race in the United States? Ten days of events ranging from parades, galas, country cruising tours, and specialized car shows culminate into a competitive road race on the challenging, serpentine roads through Schenley Park. Sunday spectators are treated to 150 [...]

Look, but Don’t Touch! Cape Cod Oyster Beds

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One of my favorite things to do while on Cape Cod is to walk Paines Creek Beach during low tide, which happened to be around 5:45 p.m. on this particular day. The beaches along Cape Cod Bay are so dramatically different at high and low tide. High tide rises four to four and half feet at [...]

A Taste of Travel: Smallman Galley- A Restaurant Incubator | Pittsburgh

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A Taste of Travel looks at the ways food connects us with a culture and each other. Sharing the recipes and restaurants we have encountered along the way...  Smallman Galley: Pittsburgh's Restaurant Incubator An unexpectedly delicious way to begin our Visit Pittsburgh food tour of the city was with a delicious lunch at Smallman Galley in the Strip District.  I [...]

It’s Factoid Friday! Did you know? …

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Did you know... Plymouth was not the first place the pilgrims landed? Their very first stop on November 11, 1620, was in Provincetown on Cape Cod–five weeks before settling Plimouth Plantation on December 16. The English colonists spent several weeks exploring the outer Cape Cod bay from Provincetown to Eastham looking for a suitable place to set up a [...]

A Taste of Travel: Southwestern Salsa and Tofu Flatbread

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Having extra grilled corn on the cob and spying a can of black beans buried in the pantry, I whipped up a spontaneous flatbread that channels smokey southwestern flavors (just speaking of Arizona).  A pre-made pita flatbread is layered with slices of heirloom tomato, avocado and topped with a zingy homemade black bean, corn, red pepper, cilantro, and [...]

When You Only Have A Weekend…on Cape Cod’s National Seashore

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Visiting Cape Cod’s seashore from Friday through Sunday can be exhilarating and exhausting, depending on the season. If visiting during peak season, it makes sense to choose a place and settle in since driving around the Cape can be time-consuming during summer months. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, a seasonal pass is required to [...]

Queen Victoria Made the Riviera Royal, guest post by Carol Drinkwater

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We are excited to share a guest post by author and actress, Carol Drinkwater. Years ago, I came across Carol's beautifully-written trilogy about her experience buying a Provençal château and olive grove. The Olive Farm book led me to her book, The Olive Route - a first-hand story of the migration of this precious commodity from the Middle East into Europe. [...]

A Taste of Travel: Breton Buckwheat Galette with Egg and Cheese

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While writing about the food traditions in the Brittany region of France, we decided to share a recipe for the classic Buckwheat Galette with Egg and Cheese, also known as the Galettes de Sarrasin. Buckwheat crêpes are gluten-free as buckwheat is actually a fruit seed within the sorrel and rhubarb family. It not actually wheat, as the name deceivingly [...]

Cathar Country: Languedoc, France

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This article was published in Rennaisance Magazine, issue #55.   By Shawnie Kelley Southwest France is synonymous with sensuous Mediterranean beaches, hillside vineyards and peaceful hamlets, but upon closer look, the Languedoc’s rugged landscape reveals a turbulent history steeped in religious rebellion, bloody battles and grail legend. This region, historically known as the County of Toulouse, is home [...]